Truck Mounted Crane Analyzer

Application ID: 22291

This app demonstrates the following:

  • Using the knob form object
  • Updating the geometry by rotating a knob
  • Provides info if the results are above or below certain critical values

Many trucks are equipped with cranes for handling loads and such cranes have a number of hydraulic cylinders that control the motion of the crane. These cylinders and other components that make up the crane are subjected to large forces when handling heavy loads. In order to determine the load-carrying capacity of the crane, these forces must be computed.

In the app, a rigid body analysis of a crane is performed in order to find the payload capacity for the specified orientation and extension of the crane.

Inputs include the angle between the booms, the total extension length, the capacity of the inner and outer boom cylinders, and the capacity extension cylinders. Results from the app include the payload capacity and hydraulic cylinder usage.

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