Verifying the Friis Transmission Equation with FEM–BEM Coupling

Application ID: 113271

In this model, the transmitter (microstrip patch) and receiver (Yagi–Uda) antennas are modeled simultaneously in the FEM domain and are coupled with FEM–BEM coupling. The results are compared with the analytical Friis transmission formula.

In detail, the emw and emw2 interfaces find out far-field responses for given antennas using the Far-Field calculation feature. Further, the emw3 interface couples with the embe interface to model microstrip patch and Yagi-Uda antennas as a transmitter and receiver, respectively, forming a typical line-of-site (LoS) communication system.

In analysis, the Friis transmission formula is verified with results for varying separation and azimuth angle using a parametric sweep.

Learn more about this model in the blog post "Verifying Friis Transmission Equation with FEM–BEM Coupling".

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