Vibroacoustic Loudspeaker Simulation: Multiphysics with BEM-FEM

Application ID: 55881

This model shows a full vibroacoustic analysis of a loudspeaker including driver, cabinet, and stand. It lets you apply a nominal driving voltage and extract the resulting sound pressure level in the cabinet and in the outside room, as well as the deformation of the cabinet and driver, for a given frequency. The loudspeaker stand is placed on a hard floor some distance from a wall, which is located behind it.

The example uses a hybrid BEM-FEM approach and couples the Solid Mechanics, Shell, Pressure Acoustics, Frequency Domain, and Pressure Acoustics, Boundary Elements physics interfaces.

The model uses six multiphysics couplings:

  • Acoustics BEM to Solid and Shell (2)
  • Acoustics FEM to Solid and Shell (2)
  • Shell to Solid (1)
  • Acoustic BEM to Acoustics FEM (1)

The model is solved for a single frequency of 3000 Hz. The frequency is defined as a parameter that is easily changed.

The electromagnetic properties of the driver are supplied from the Loudspeaker Driver model (which requires the Acoustics Module and the AC/DC Module).

The Vibroacoustic Loudspeaker model requires the Acoustics Module and the Structural Mechanics Module.

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