The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical disciplines. You can use these examples as a starting point for your own simulation work by downloading the tutorial model or demo app file and its accompanying instructions.

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Geomechanics Modulex

Slope Stability in an Embankment Dam

A slope stability analysis is performed and the Factor of Safety of the dam embankment is calculated by using the Shear Strength Reduction Technique. The pore pressure in the soil is computed based on Darcy’s law, and the Mohr–Coulomb constitutive model is used to describe the ... Read More

Brittle Fracture of a Holed Plate

In this example, the brittle fracture of a holed plate with a notch is modeled using a phase-field damage model. The geometry of the plate is set up so that a mixed-mode fracture is induced, with dimensions and material properties taken from experimental data. The example shows how to ... Read More

Tunnel Excavation

This example models the behavior of soil during a tunnel excavation. The surface settlement and the width of the plastic region around the tunnel are important parameters needed to predict required reinforcements during the excavation. Two study steps are used. The first study computes ... Read More

Concrete Beam with Reinforcement Bars

Concrete structures almost always contain reinforcements in the shape of steel bars ("rebars"). In COMSOL, rebars can be modeled either individually by adding a Truss interface to the Solid interface used for the concrete or using the Fiber subfeature to model their global effect. In ... Read More

External Material Examples, Structural Mechanics

The External Material functionality makes it possible to program your own material models for cases when the built-in material models are not sufficient. For structural mechanics, you have the possibility to either completely define the material model in a domain, or to add an inelastic ... Read More

Brittle Damage in Uniaxial Tension

In this tutorial model, different methods for modeling brittle damage are compared in a simple model of a uniaxially loaded bar. The localization of the deformation during fracture is studied using different discretization orders and regularization methods. Read More

Triaxial Test with Hardening Soil Material Model

In this example, a triaxial test is simulated using the Hardening Soil material model. The test consists of two stages; an initial isotropic compression followed by axial compression. A hyperbolic stress-strain relation is recovered. It is also verified that the asymptotic value of the ... Read More

Deep Excavation

This example shows how to model a deep excavation. The main application area of this type of modeling is in civil engineering. In this case, the in situ lateral pressure acting on the retaining wall during the soil excavation is modeled with boundary loads. The soil assumes Drucker ... Read More

Transient Response of a Shallow Foundation on Unsaturated Soil

In this example, the transient response of a shallow foundation resting on an unsaturated soil stratum is investigated. The changes in pore suction due to water infiltration and evaporation are analyzed using the Extended Barcelona Basic soil model. The results show how the deformation ... Read More

Shallow Foundation on Unsaturated Soil

In this example, a settlement and heave analysis of a shallow foundation resting on an unsaturated soil stratum is conducted with the Modified Cam-Clay and Extended Barcelona Basic soil models. The effect of pore suction due to movements in the phreatic line and the resulting settlement ... Read More

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