The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical disciplines. You can use these examples as a starting point for your own simulation work by downloading the tutorial model or demo app file and its accompanying instructions.

Search for tutorials and apps relevant to your area of expertise via the Quick Search feature. To download the MPH-files, log in or create a COMSOL Access account that is associated with a valid COMSOL license. Note that many of the examples featured here can also be accessed via the Application Libraries that are built into the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and available from the File menu.

Running the COMSOL® Software with Amazon EC2™

This document explains how to install and run COMSOL Multiphysics® and COMSOL Server™ with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud™ (EC2™). This requires that you have first acquired a Floating Network License (FNL) or COMSOL Server License (CSL) from COMSOL. The license manager ... Read More

Corner Cube Retroreflector

A corner cube retroreflector can be used to reflect rays in a direction exactly antiparallel to their initial direction, regardless of the angle of incidence. This tutorial shows how to simulate the reflection of a bundle of rays at a corner cube retroreflector using the Geometrical ... Read More

Rowland Circle Spectrometer

The Rowland circle is a circle of radius R that lies tangent to a concave curved diffraction grating of radius 2R. If the entrance slit of incoming light is positioned on this circle, then rays reflected by the grating will be focused at various points along the same circle based on ... Read More

Magnetic Frill

Feeding antennas with proper signals can be difficult. The signal is often described as a voltage, and voltages are not well defined in electromagnetic wave formulations. There are several tricks to model voltage generators in such situations, and one is the magnetic frill. This model ... Read More

Loudspeaker Radiation: BEM Acoustics Tutorial

In this tutorial, the acoustic radiation pattern from a small generic loudspeaker is analyzed using the boundary element method (BEM). The loudspeaker is located on a small table above the floor and at a given distance from a wall. The model is set up using the Pressure Acoustics, ... Read More

Modeling the Behavior of a Thermostat

This example exemplifies how to model applications using the Events Interface where a thermostat is sumlated. A more detailed description of the phenomenon and the modeling process can be seen in the blog post "Implementing a Thermostat with the Events Interface". Read More

Acoustic Mean Free Path in a Room

This model uses the Ray Acoustics interface to extract statistical information about a room. Two examples of rooms are analyzed: The staircase from the One-Family House Acoustics tutorial model A long corridor The models compute the mean free path as well as the reflection frequency ... Read More

Stress Analysis of a Pipe Fitting from a CAD File

This tutorial model shows the setup of a 2D axisymmetric stress analysis, through contact, of a 3D threaded pipe fitting. The example involves synchronizing the 3D SOLIDWORKS® geometry and selections, which specify the faces in contact, with the 2D geometry in COMSOL  ... Read More

Isolator Thickness Effect

The use of Aluminum (Al) isolator is a commonly employed mitigation strategy for galvanic corrosion between magnesium alloy (Mg) and mild steel (MS). The present model demonstrates the effect of Al isolator thickness on galvanic corrosion severity using a parametric study. The electrode ... Read More

Dynamic Behavior of a Spring Loaded Rotating Slider

This model illustrates the modeling of slider motion caused by a base rotation. The motion of the slider is analyzed under various forces such as inertia force, centrifugal force, spring force and damping force. The prismatic joint, which is used to connect the two components, is spring ... Read More