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Wave Optics Modulex

Optically Anisotropic Waveguide

In this model, a modal analysis is performed while parametrically sweeping the length of a waveguide from 0.5 um to 4 um to derive the dispersion curve for the anisotropic core. Both transverse and longitudinal anisotropy are considered in two different models. These models are ... Read More

Fabry–Perot Resonator

A Fabry-Perot resonator is one of the fundamental optical devices and has a broad range of applications. A few examples are that it can be used to measure length, frequency/wavelength or to filter specific spatial modes. This model uses the Beam Envelopes Interface in the bidirectional ... Read More

Leaky Modes in a Microstructured Optical Fiber

A mode analysis study is used to find the complex effective indices for a microstructured optical fiber (MOF), consisting of air holes in a silica host. As the effective index is smaller than the refractive index of the silica background material, the modes are leaky. The model ... Read More


A Gaussian beam is launched into BK-7 optical glass. The material has an intensity-dependent refractive index. At the center of the beam, the refractive index is the largest. The induced refractive index profile counteracts diffraction and actually focuses the beam. Self-focusing is ... Read More

Optical Ring Resonator Notch Filter 3D

This example calculates the spectral properties of a 3D optical ring resonator. The model demonstrates how to use parts from the Wave Optics Parts Library and how to setup the Field Continuity boundary condition at boundaries, where there is a jump in the predefined phase approximation. Read More

Second Harmonic Generation of a Gaussian Beam (Wave Optics)

It is possible to generate harmonics that are multiples of the frequency of laser light by using nonlinear optical materials. This model demonstrates second harmonic generation using transient wave simulation and nonlinear material properties. A YAG (lambda=1.06 micron) laser beam is ... Read More

3D Wave Propagation in Silicon Waveguide with Rib and Slot Configurations

A 3D silicon waveguide is set up with rib and slot configurations. The meshing includes physics-controlled mesh, with the number of longitudinal mesh elements set to 50 to visualize the wave oscillation. The detailed discussion of the model setup is discussed in the blog post: "Silicon ... Read More

Frequency Selective Surface, Periodic Complementary Split Ring Resonator

Frequency selective surfaces (FSS) are periodic structures with a bandpass or a bandstop frequency response. This model shows that only signals around the center frequency can pass through the periodic complementary split ring resonator layer. Read More

Orbital Angular Momentum Beam

This model simulates Gaussian to Laguerre Gaussian beam shaping with the Beam Envelopes interface, the unidirectional wave formulation. The input beam is a focusing Gaussian beam with a topological spiral phase. It is known that this phase mask converts a Gaussian beam to a donut ... Read More

Gaussian Beam Incident at the Brewster Angle

This model demonstrates the polarization properties for a Gaussian beam incident at an interface between two media at the Brewster angle. The model shows how to use the Electromagnetic Waves, Beam Envelopes physics interface with a User defined phase specification. Matched Boundary ... Read More