Fresnel Lens

Application ID: 46571

This model simulates a 16-level, first-order, focusing Fresnel lens with 50 µm diameter and 150 µm focal length. In one simulation, the Electromagnetic Waves, Frequency Domain interface computes the electric field in the Fresnel lens and the surrounding air domain extended to the focal plane. In the second simulation, the electric field at the exit plane right above the Fresnel lens is propagated to the focal plane using the Fresnel approximation. Finally, the simulation is performed using the Electromagnetic Waves, Beam Envelopes interface. The electric fields at the focal plane calculated by the three methods are compared. The results are in very good agreement.

Additionally, this model demonstrates the short simulation time for the Electromagnetic Waves, Beam Envelopes interface, as it can perform the simulation with a coarser mesh.

The model also demonstrates how to build and run a model method. The model method automatically rebuilds the complex geometry when a design parameter has changed.

These model files relate to the blog post: How to Implement the Fourier Transformation from Computed Solutions

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