The Influence of Core Shape and Material Nonlinearities to Corner Losses of Inductive Element

M. Puskarczyk[1], B. Jamieson[1], W. Jurczak[1]
[1]ABB Corporate Research Center, Krak├│w, Poland

The effects of sharp corners on the flux distribution in a ferromagnetic core are modeled using COMSOL Multiphysics® to determine the time-domain flux density for an applied field which is uniform in the non-corner section of the core. The frequency spectrum of the flux distribution is calculated for testing points through the corner and the effects of harmonic frequencies on the flux and loss profiles are analyzed. The contribution of higher-order harmonics is presented and shown to contribute up to 3.8% of the total loss in the areas of the core where the flux enhancement is highest. Flux reduction is also considered in the outer edges of the core and shown to be dependent on harmonic frequencies in the flux profile.