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Papers and Presentations from the COMSOL Conference 2020

At the COMSOL Conference 2020, scientists and engineers from around the globe showcased their multiphysics simulation projects. See how researchers in your industry are currently using numerical modeling to optimize designs, streamline processes, and improve products by browsing the technical papers and presentations below. Use the Quick Search tool to find a specific presentation or filter by application area or conference location.

ISBN: 978-1-7364524-0-0

2020 - Europex

R410A Gas Insulated Distribution Transformer Design

Ezgi Guney1, Prof. Dr. OKAN OZGONENEL1
1Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, TURKEY

In the design, manufacture, assembly and installation of transformers some of the important requirements are; protection of the environment, operational safety, minimizing maintenance requirements and the risk of fire. Oil insulated transformers have some limitations such as; low ... Read More

A New Three Phase Triangle Core Measurement Type Voltage Transformer

Prof. Dr. Okan Ozgonenel1, Baris Cepken2, Burcu CILSAL2
1Ondokuz Mayis University

Reliability and stability of power systems depend on the operation of all system components within specified limits. Voltage measurement transformers take an important place among the power system components and perform their protection and measurement tasks where they are connected. ... Read More

A 3-Dimensional Borehole Numerical Modeling for Single and Double U-tube Ground-Coupled Heat Pump

A. Tarrad1
1Université de Lorraine, CNRS, LEMTA, Nancy, France

The heat transfer rate and borehole design represent great challenges to thermal equipment designer of the ground-coupled heat pump. The present model represents a mathematical numerical technique implemented to tackle such problem. A thermal assessment was established to estimate the ... Read More

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