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The Effect of Eccentricity in Fully Developed Annular Pipe Flow on Convection Heat Transfer and the Darcy Friction Factor

S. Rabbani [1], A. Elzawawy [1], J. D'Arrigo [1], J. D. Freels [2]
[1] Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, New York, NY, USA
[2] Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

Eccentricity in annular channels contributes to changes in fluid flow characteristics which in turn, affects the performance and integrity of the configuration. This research investigates a model of an annular channel with a diameter ratio of 0.762, an aspect ratio of 68.9:1 and heating ... Read More

Finite Element Analysis of Contact Studies of Radio Frequency MEMs Switch Membranes

J. Liu [1], V. B. Chalivendra [1], C. Goldsmith [1], W. Huang [1]
[1] University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA, USA

Radio frequency (RF) micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS) switch works in on/off modes controlled by electrostatic forces. In off mode, rough surfaces of electrodes come into a contact. Membrane contact surfaces have complex surface roughness patterns and the mechanical contact problem ... Read More

Fracture Toughness Evaluation for Magnetostrictive Problem using COMSOL Multiphysics®

A. Bhushan [1], Prof S.K. Panda [1],
[1] Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Even though failure due to the presence of flaws, inclusions, cracks or crack like defects has been observed in structural components operated under magnetic fields. The creation of the ferrous man-made structures, however, the formulations of various fracture theories and the ... Read More

Analysis of D-Shaped Toroidal Superconductive Coils for Medium Size Fusion Experiment Facility

V. Cocilovo [1],
[1] ENEA Frascati Research Center, Frascati, Italy

The research in magnetic confinement fusion is carried out through electromagnetic machines, with a toroidal geometry, where a hot plasma of heavy hydrogen isotopes (deuterium and tritium) is contained in a vacuum vessel. Due to the very high temperatures reached by the plasma, strong ... Read More

Magneto-Mechanical-Thermal Couplings for the Pulsed Magnetic Technology with Single-Turn Coils

O. Maloberti [1], P. Sansen [1], D. Jouaffre [2], D. Haye [2],
[1] ESIEE Amiens, France
[2] PFT Innovaltech, France

Single turn coils produce AC and transient magnetic fields in pulsed magnetic technologies for which magneto-harmonic and transient magnetic analysis can be primarily performed. We suggest studying one single turn coil example made of a conducting massive coil, an optional conducting ... Read More

Optimum Insulation Thickness Distribution for Heat Loss Uniformity from Heated Corrugated Pipes

R. Bourisli [1],
[1] Kuwait University, Kuwait

Energy loss from fluids flowing across long distances presents a problem in many applications. In the oil and gas industry, for example, crude oil can change in viscosity when modest changes in temperature are realized. This can lead to added pumping power requirement and thus more heat ... Read More

Numerical Approaches to Modeling of WGM Resonator and Waveguide Coupling

N. M. Kondratiev [1],
[1] Russian Quantum Center (RQC), Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia

Whispering-gallery mode resonators (WGR) are promising elements for future photonic devices, as they combine ultra-high quality factor with small size and mode volume. Many practical applications of such microresonators, such as ultra-sensitive chemical and biological sensors [1] electro ... Read More

基于光响应主客体相互作用及 pH 调控的“即插即用”纳流二极管

X.-Y. Kong [1], Pei Liu [2], Pei Li [3], Congcong Zhu [2],
[1] 中科院理化所,北京,北京,中国
[2] 中科院理化所
[3] 北京航空航天大学

生命体系中,位于细胞上的各种离子通道精妙的调控着各种生理生化过程。以此为原型,各种各样的仿生纳米体系也被相继开发,其中,纳流二极管研究领域更是发展迅猛。然而,现有的关于纳流二极管的研究都是通过 pH,电压等外界刺激改变表面固定功能基团的电荷类型从而调节纳流二极管的方向,这大大限制了纳流二极管功能的调控自由度。于是,我们制造了一种通过光响应的同时可以进行 pH 调节的“即插即用”双向纳流二极管。该体系基于聚合物单纳米通道,通过化学接枝,利用光响应主客体作用原理实现“即插即用”功能。通过实验实现了实验设计,并利用理论模拟进行仿真分析。模拟过程使用 COMSOL ... Read More

Numerical Calculation of Effective Density and Compressibility Tensors in Periodic Porous Media: A Multi-Scale Asymptotic Method

C. Lee[1], M. Leamy[1], and J. Nadler[2]

[1]School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA
[2]Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Georgia Institute of Technology

A major issue in predicting and controlling (via design) absorption properties of rigid porous media is the determination of the frequency-dependent effective density and compressibility tensors. Unlike previous research efforts which employ in-house and, oftentimes, multiple numerical ... Read More

The use of COMSOL for Building Constructions Engineering Regarding Heat and Moisture Transport

H. Schellen, A. van Schijndel, and P. Briggen
Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Hunting Lodge St. Hubertus is one of the most prominent Dutch buildings from the early twentieth century. An extensive study of wind and wind-driven rain (WDR) was conducted to provide insight into the moisture load of the building facade, using measurements and CFD simulations. COMSOL ... Read More