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As a COMSOL Certified Consultant, CAEaid brings 20+ years of experience and expertise in multiphysics simulation to help clients predict and solve challenging product design and manufacturing process issues that might be unsolvable with current experimental technologies, existing design experience, or analytical solutions. CAEaid also provides simulation coaching services to current and potential users of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software to help them build customized COMSOL models based on a root cause, design goal, and manufacturing process.

CAEaid specializes in an in-house-developed simulation-driven DesignSpace (with two key features: parameterized geometrical modeling and a parametric sweep study) to schematically design, troubleshoot, and optimize new product designs in a timely fashion.

Multiphysics Simulation Expertise

CAEaid has simulation expertise in many areas, including but not limited to:

  • Acoustics
    • Aeroacoustics, pressure acoustics, and geometrical acoustics
    • Thermoviscous acoustics
  • AC/DC
    • Electromagnetics, electric circuit, and circuit parameter extraction
    • Induction heating, resistive heating, and bioheating
  • Battery design
    • Battery pack modeling and battery performance prediction and optimization
    • Impedance spectroscopy study and lithium intercalation modeling
    • Thermal runaway propagation simulation and management
  • CFD
    • Single-phase flow and multiphase flow
    • Reaction flow and transport of species (particle tracing)
  • Heat transfer
    • Electronic cooling, heat exchangers, and electromagnetic heating
    • Thermal/isothermal stress
  • Structural mechanics
    • Stress analysis, mode analysis, random vibration, and response spectrum
    • Nonlinearity (material nonlinearity, geometric nonlinearity, contact interaction such as impact, and drop tests)
  • Multiphysics simulation
    • Acoustic–structure interaction, fluid–structure interaction, and electromagnetic–structural coupling
    • Thermal–structure interaction and thermal–fluid interaction
  • Design optimization
    • Parameterized geometrical modeling and parametric sweep study
    • Simulation-driven design optimization
  • Materials
    • Material characterization and material behavior modeling

Featured COMSOL Multiphysics® Work

DesignSpace via COMSOL®

CAEaid developed its simulation-driven DesignSpace via COMSOL® to optimize product design step by step in order to target design goals. In DesignSpace, first the geometrical modeling is fully or partially parameterized, and then a parametric sweep study is performed and evaluated to search for the optimal design. This simulation-driven DesignSpace is a perfect tool for designing and optimizing audio components such as subwoofers, woofers, tweeters, and passive radiators.

Two side-by-side images, with the left image showing the different components of a model and the right image showing the full model.

Woofer Motor Optimization

CAEaid has extensive experience in helping clients design high-quality electromagnetic transducers, in which Bl(X) curve is a crucial property and is preferred to be symmetric. In the woofer motor design shown below, the overhang between the T-yoke and top pole piece is set up as the design parameter for a parametric study to target a symmetric Bl(X) curve.

A graph showing parametric study results.

Rotary Piston

CAEaid brings 20+ years of experience in structure analysis and mechanical simulation. In a technical paper entitled "Advanced Techniques for Predicting Mechanical Product Design via COMSOL Multiphysics® Software" presented at the COMSOL Conference 2016 Boston, CAEaid applied multiple techniques to simulate a rotary piston using COMSOL Multiphysics®.

A rotary piston model designed by CAEaid.

Control Valve

CAEaid was able to perform a fluid–structure multiphysics analysis of challenging control valves. A corresponding technical paper entitled "Modeling and Simulation of Control Valves via COMSOL Multiphysics®" was presented at the COMSOL Conference 2017 Boston.

A multiphysics control valve model.

Electronics Heating or Cooling

One client, who was developing a new automobile battery and needed to understand the safety of the battery in very hot or cold environments, went to CAEaid for its expertise in multiphysics simulation. CAEaid performed an isothermal analysis and presented the evaluation of the margin of safety for all ductile materials and brittle materials of the battery. In addition, CAEaid held a workshop entitled “Coupled Thermal–Mechanical Simulation for Reliability Analysis of Product Design with COMSOL Multiphysics®” at the COMSOL Conference 2017 Boston.

An automobile battery model that CAEaid assisted a client with.

Natural Convection in Wellbore

One of CAEaid’s clients, a new user of COMSOL®, turned to CAEaid to request technical support to simulate natural convection in a wellbore. CAEaid helped by guiding its design team to build a customized COMSOL model with a parameterized geometry.

Side-by-side wellbore models, with the left showing the surface temperature and the right showing the velocity field via streamlines.

Products Used by CAEaid

CAEaid uses COMSOL Multiphysics® and the following add-on modules to solve your challenges:

  • AC/DC Module
  • Acoustics Module
  • Battery Design Module
  • CFD Module
  • Design Module
  • Heat Transfer Module
  • Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
  • Structural Mechanics Module

Available Consulting Services

By leveraging extensive experience in CAE software design & development and proven expertise in CAE simulation, CAEaid provides consulting services such as:

  • CAE simulation
  • Design optimization
  • Material modeling
  • Simulation coaching