Address & Contact Information

Violaine Le Louët
Laboratoire de Thermique et Energie de Nantes
Rue Christian Pauc
44306 Nantes
France Phone: +33 02 40 68 32 29

CAPACITÉS, established in 2005, is a private subsidiary of the University of Nantes, dedicated to the development of research and innovation. It is the permanent interface between socioeconomic players and academic laboratories.

Building on the expertise of its fellow engineers and PhDs, CAPACITÉS leads cutting edge research development projects for companies of diverse background – aeronautics, automotive, food, medical, digital etc.

CAPACITÉS works alongside companies to provide them with tailor-made solutions - assessment, advice, engineering and R&D tools - that will help them overcome their technological obstacles and increase their competitiveness.

Areas of Expertise

  • Heat transfer in polymer- and composite-forming processes
    • Crystallization/Crosslinking kinetics and heat transfer coupling
    • Dependence of physical properties with temperature and phase change
    • Homogeneous anisotropic materials
  • Heat transfer at interfaces and in microsystems
  • Optimal thermal control of forming processes

CAPACITÉS develops solutions to characterize heat transfer in various processes, with a specific expertise in the field of polymer and composite materials forming processes. Thanks to a large experience of COMSOL Multiphysics, we provide our customers with accurate heat transfer simulations and lead them toward a better understanding of their thermal problem through valuable analysis. Above all, we place emphasis on responsiveness and confidentiality in our business practices.

In addition, the numerical models we build are fed with accurate data identified with advanced material characterization performed in-house. Indeed, our company has access to many R&D laboratories at Nantes University integrating testing facilities such as:

  • Thermal characterization (thermal conductivity, specific heat & enthalpy, density, CTE, chemical shrinkage of thermoset, estimation of phase-change kinetics, PvT diagram…)
  • Material characterization (surface analysis, mechanical characterization, surface treatment…)

Finally, specific experiments may also be set up in order to validate the numerical results of the simulation.
Please contact us to see how we can address and support your heat transfer simulation challenges.