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Noumenon Multiphysics

15-1, Sharman, Sahajanand Hou. Soc.,
Kothrud, Pune 411038, INDIA.
Tel: +91 98909 44483
General :

Noumenon Multiphysics is an applied physics and mathematics consultancy firm specializing in modeling and simulation services for science-based and engineering industries. We use advanced mathematical and physics techniques to model complex phenomena. This leads to greater insight and more accurate simulations and mathematical models of phenomena, which can help optimize products and processes or develop new ones. We excel in creating new mathematical and computational models of understudied phenomena using techniques such as multiphysics coupling, multiscale modeling, homogenization, data-driven modeling, or physics-aware modeling.

Areas of Expertise

Listed below are a few areas of our expertise:

  • Building mathematical models of physical situations
  • Creating simulation codes
  • Problem solving / optimization
  • Optics and electromagnetics
  • Fluid and solid mechanics
  • Vibrations, waves, acoustics and oscillatory phenomena
  • Discrete event models, logistics, queuing theory and combinatorial optimization

Our Team

Noumenon Multiphysics hires and retains a highly able, motivated, and experienced team of applied mathematicians and physicists, computational physicists and engineers from various engineering domains. Through our vigorous program of continuous learning of theory and practice, and sharing of insights gained from every project, we have developed a culture of continuous capability improvement. We are committed to providing the best possible personnel for a wide variety of customer projects.