V³ Consulting, s.r.o.

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Address & Contact Information

V³ Consulting, s.r.o.
Lejskova 1221,
Jesenice 25242, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 608 475 094
Email: info@v3consulting.cz
Website: https://v3consulting.cz/

V³ Consulting is focused on basic and applied research and innovative technical development in applications of electromagnetic fields in medicine and industry. Specifically, it designs and constructs novel systems for microwave/radiofrequency thermotherapy and diagnostics as well as industrial microwave heating, drying, and monitoring.

The V³ Consulting team includes experts with many years of experience in the complete design of microwave or radiofrequency devices for various medical and industrial applications. V³ Consulting can offer device development, computational studies, and the optimization of new and existing devices. For this purpose, we can prepare anatomically and dielectrically faithful models of the treated area based on CT or MRI images. We can ensure the production of prototypes as well as serial production and testing of such devices on phantoms. The results of numerical or experimental testing can be used, for example, in preclinical testing of medical devices to prove their safety and efficacy within the framework of certification according to MDR 2017/745.

In the field of industrial heating, we have experience in designing systems for heating and drying, e.g., ceramics, liquids, acids, and textiles. We have experience in the design of systems with up to 100 magnetrons and a total microwave output of 100 kW. Drying with microwave technology is environmentally friendly, as they produce zero emissions.

We also offer measurement of dielectric parameters in the frequency range from 4 MHz to 18 GHz.

Areas of Expertise

We use multiphysics simulation to support clients in their research and development in individual areas or in the entire development process.

The expertise of V³ Consulting is mainly in electromagnetic field theory, the interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter, microwave engineering, and electronics.

The focus of V³ Consulting's modeling and simulation expertise is primarily in electromagnetic fields and heat transfer in medical and industrial applications.

Additional areas of expertise include:

  • Calculation of the electromagnetic fields and temperature distribution in anatomically and dielectrically faithful models
  • Preclinical evaluation of radiofrequency and microwave medical devices for the purpose of MDR certification in terms of efficiency and safety
  • Design and development of radiofreqeuncy and microwave applications
    • Antennas, sensors, and applicators for medical diagnosis and therapy
    • Exposure chambers for microwave heating and drying
Examples of services V3 Consulting provides, showing the design and test results of an application.

Available Services

V³ Consulting provides services such as numerical model development and computational analysis and studies:

  • Numerical model development
    • V³ Consulting, on behalf of its clients, creates a complete numerical model of the studied problem. V³ Consulting provides the client with the model (.mph) and a description of the physics and used settings.
  • Computational analysis and studies
    • V³Consulting, on behalf of its client, creates a numerical model in COMSOL Multiphysics® and performs the required computational analysis or parametric study, analyzes the results, and delivers the results in a report.

Consultant Contributions

V³ Consulting presented their use of modeling and simulation for evaluating electromagnetic fields in medical therapeutic and diagnostic devices at the COMSOL Conference 2023 Munich. View the slideshow presentation here.