Wenger Engineering GmbH

Wenger Engineering GmbH

Address & Contact Information

Wenger Engineering GmbH**

Einsteinstraße 55
89077 Ulm, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 731 - 79 06 05 0
Email: mail@wenger-engineering.de
Website: www.wenger-engineering.com

Wenger Engineering is a leading thermal management, fluid mechanics and chemical engineering consulting company based in Ulm, Germany.

As a COMSOL Certified Consultant since 2009, our team has worked on 600+ projects in 10+ European countries, North America, Brazil, Japan, China, Mongolia, Australia and others. The focus has always been on increasing energy efficiency, optimizing cooling performance, reducing cost and “getting things done”.

Areas of Expertise

  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Mathematical optimization

Markets We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Energy
    • Renewable energies (e.g., batteries and solar power)
  • Systems engineering
    • Heat exchangers
  • Pharmaceuticals and analytics
  • Electrical components
  • Aerospace
  • Etc

Please visit www.wenger-engineering.com to learn more.

Wenger Engineering GmbH