Acoustics Module Updates in COMSOL® Version 6.1

Duration: 39:04

In this archived webinar, you’ll get an introduction to what’s new in the Acoustics Module as of COMSOL Multiphysics® version 6.1. We start with an overview of the latest features and functionality in this module, including the updates for modeling microtransducers, ultrasonic flowmeters, and acoustofluidics. We then dive into a more detailed discussion on these and other updates, including:

  • Functionality for simulating acoustic streaming applications
  • Thermoviscous acoustics functionality for modeling microspeakers and microphones in consumer electronics
  • A time-explicit solver that can be used to include the effects of fluid flow in convected acoustics
  • The Fracture boundary condition for treating two elastic domains with imperfect bonding
  • Physics-controlled mesh generation for a wider range of Acoustics interfaces

The presentation ends with a look at the new and updated acoustics tutorial models.

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