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transition boundary condition

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Hi to all,
I'm working with the Ac/Dc module to simulate dynamic magnetic actuation of a pre-magnetized thin metallic layer.
My model consists of a permanent magnet put in proximity of the metallic layer. The analysis type is "frequency response".
To model the layer within Comsol I'm using the Transition boundary condition.
Here there are some questions:

1) I' ve look up such a condition in some textbook of electromagnetism but none of the condition I've seen perfectly matches the one employed in Comsol. Do you have ideas where to find it?

2) The condition seems not to affect the results. Once terminated the simulation, when I plot the variables involved in the condition (for instance tAx, tAy, tAz, or the surface current densities Js1 and Js2) nothing appears. Do you have idea on how such a condition does work?

I've checked my model, but everything seems ok. No error is displayed during the solving process.
I'm not an expert of electromagnetism, so any hint from an expert in this area is appreciated.
Thanks for the answers.


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