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Comsol 3.5 problem for geometry sweeping

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I have to simulate optical fiber cross section.Method is perpendicular wave -> hybrid mode->.The geometry is complex and difficult to draw in hand.So a matlab code is developed using comsol's function and geometry was obtained.Comsol can read the m file. Later necessary application mode setting , subdomain settings etc are performed and simulated for once.By this time the code is generated in the background.I will have to import the file to matlab. I saved the model file as a m file and got the code. But although no syntax error I found that the solution is totally erroneous.In fact after some research i discovered matlab code is not fully equiped for the simulation as the default value initialization is not done there.When I save the built in stepindex fiber model as m file I saw there are some more lines of code but I dont understand them.Finally when i reset my model file in comsol and then save as m file i get new codes where my code written for geometry is missing.But it gets the geometry from the corresponding mph file using flbinary function.This time matlab simulation gives the correct result .I think while reading model file from matlab m file for geometry it gets some more information for the simulation.But this method is not suitable for a geometry sweeping purpose.I can do the process in comsol 3.2a but not in 3.5. 3.2a seems to be slower than 3.5 at the same time.Waiting for any suggestion.

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