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Multiphysics Simulation: An IEEE Spectrum Insert 2017 is now available!

Valerio Marra COMSOL Employee

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We are excited to announce that this year's edition of Multiphysics Simulation is now available online: comsol.com/offers/multiphysics-simulation-2017

Read the magazine to see numerical simulation is being used to transform R&D and product design across industries. Featured topics include:

  • Piezoelectric cooling fans
  • LHC protection system
  • Electric motor design
  • 5G network components
  • Proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Memory chip manufacturing
  • Simulation apps for teaching
  • Simulation apps for additive manufacturing
  • Optical fiber pressure sensors
  • Li-ion battery modeling and simulation



Valerio Marra, PhD
Marketing Director

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