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ACDC Electromagnetic dynamic simulation

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Hello, I am a Comsol beginner.

I would like to study the movements between two cubes, induced by electromagnets positioned on their edges.

Picture here

I want to study how the electromagnetic forces can push or attract the cubes. I measured the forces in static study and I would now like to go into dynamics.

I tried to set up a time study and add a physical "moving mesh (ale)" but I have this error: "Feature: Time Solver 1 (sol1 / t1) Failed to find consistent initial values." I think that I have an issue with my boundaries.

I tried to understand the Comsol example "Power Switch" where the displacement and the velocity of the plunger are defined according to the force in global equations.

Is this method the right one for my problem? Can we solve this error?

Thank you.

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Hello Gael Rocci

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