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PN Diode maximum forward current; Thermal breakdown;

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Hi all,

I'm studying the ESD device performance and characteristics. I have created 2D geometry of a simple PN heterojunction silicon diode. I've succesufully simulated the IV curve of the device in both static and time-depended analyses (in small +/- 3V range for the Anode terminal). Now, I want to obtain the maximum current that this junction can conduct before it reaches thermal breakdown level of the junction - in other words I want maximum forward current. I'm using dimenssions and doping levels described in article by the name "Physics and Design Optimization of ESD diode for 1.13um PD-SOI Technology". So, I have a reference values for the maximum forward current that I expect. The problem is that, I'm expecting thermal breakdown for my device, and according to article, to kick-in at around 4.5V at about 2.7A of current. However, my IV curve continue in ohmic manner up to around ~20V where it can't converge anymore. I highly doubt this is accurate. If anyone is aware of method to get maximum forward curent of a junction, your help would be much appreciated!

Regards, John

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