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Number of Nodes changes in a Parametric Sweep

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Hello all,

I have been working with Comsol 5.3 for over four months now, trying to simulate Magnetic Flux Leakage. I modelled a 250mm by 250 mm steel plate with random ellipsoidal shapes that are subtracted from the plate to simulate metal loss defects. I also modelled a pair of magnets joined by an iron core. I am running a parametric sweep in which the magnets and the core move along the x axis from negative to positive. Finally, I export the results to a single text file.

Everything worked just fine in the first experiment I did which was much more simple than the model I explained above. The problem I am facing now is that when I open the text file some of the simulations have a different number of nodes. The attached images are from the model and two examples of the difference on the number of nodes.

I would like to know if there is a way to fix the number of nodes to a certain amount or to avoid that it changes through the parametric sweep. So far I have tried changing the data resolution when exporting, and also modifying the size of the mesh. I also tried to run another parametric sweep so that it was as similar as posible to the first and simpler experiment I did (which did not present this problem), none of these attempts helped to solve my problem.

Thank you for your time.


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