Multiturn coil_time based simulation_Pulseshape based voltage

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Hi everyone,

I have simulated a multiturn coil (with a Yoke) using AC-DC COMSOL 5.2. The DC simulation does show a succesful simulation results with a magnetic field lines (streamlines) generated according to the shape of Yoke due to its higher magnetic permiability.

Now, I want to simulate a AC based system, with a rectangular shaped voltage pulse. Everthing is going perfect and smooth, but the magnetic field genrated is not similar to that of DC, infact I am unable to see any magnetic field lines in the whole system.

Is it the time step I should be concerned of? The direction of applied current and produced magnetic field (using Arrow line) does change like an alternatic current when I run the animation, but I am not able to generate the magnetic field lines (streamlines), like that of DC.

Could any one guide me and explain me where my AC simulations are going wrong? I would really appriciate your help. ! Attached a image of rectangular pulse shape.

Note: I wont be able to upload any geometry related images or .mph file to this forum.

Thank you very much.


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