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Flux discontinuity problem

Savart Thibaut
Hi there,

My problem is following : I have a 1D model composed of three connected elements (segments). The first study consists in looking at the concentrations profiles of two elements (A and B) in the two first segments as a function of time and nothing can go through the third segment. The second study consists in using a concentration profile obtained at a certain time (obtained from the first study) and to see the evolution of the concentrations profiles in the three segments as a function of the time. The difference with the first study is that now there is a initial concentration of 1mol/m^3 for the element A.
When I tried to look at that, I saw a discontinuity of the concentration : whatever the time choosen, the concentration into the third segment stays constant (i.e. nothing goes through this segment).

Does someone has a idea to solve this problem ?

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Hello Savart Thibaut

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