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Acoustic Piezoelectric Tutorial Help

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Hi all,

I am trying to study the effects of piezoelectric transducers on a fluid volume similar to traditional ultrasonic cleaning machines. I followed the piezoelectric COMSOL tutorial found here: https://www.comsol.com/video/piezoelectricsimulations-comsol-multiphysics . However, i was having trouble meshing the boundary layer between the fluid domain and the PML layer.

I instead attempted to study the effect on a domain that more closely resembles my project and chose not to use a PML layer- this time i got the model to mesh and run a frequency domain study, however i am not getting any values. Can anybody please help? Also, i am using a transducer with two layers of piezo electric material and i may have assigned the ground and terminal boundaries incorrectly.

If i get this study to return valid results, id like to run another one with multiple transducers and optimize pressure gradients within the control volume.

This is my first time using COMSOL as my university doesnt teach it and i need it for my senior design project- I'd greatly appreciate any help i can get. Thanks for reading my post.

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