Pressure value on random packing of spheres

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Dear all,

I am trying to simulate the flow around a random packing of spheres, like in the attached paper. I am following the instructions given by the paper and I am correctly capable of simulating this laminar flow with a similar geometry and no overlap between the spheres. For comparison, I am also performing the same simulations with Fluent (trying to use a similar mesh). The velocity profiles around the spheres are alike for both COMSOL and Fluent. However, when it comes to pressure, I am getting values a factor of 2 or 3 larger in COMSOL than in Fluent (and the expected correlation values).

I would like to know if someone faced a similar situation or what could be the reason of this big difference between the pressure values. I am using P1+P1 discretization, as I am facing some issues making the P2+P1 discretization converge. Could it be the reason of this difference?

Thank you and best regards, Eduardo


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