Eigenfrequency analysis in deformed configuration

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Hello, I am trying to do an eigenfrequncy analysis for my planar MEMs microstage design. The stage is connected to the actuator with 3 sets of intermediate parallel guided flexures.

At a displaced configuration (in x, y, or theta), the leaf springs are expected to bend and have a reduced stiffness and reduced eigenfrequencies than undisplaced configurations.To analyse this, I applied a prescribed displacement in the x-direction to the stage (keeping other degress free), and ran a pressed eigenfrequency study. However rather than reduction in eigenfrequency, I am getting an increment of the same. This maybe due to the additional displacement constraint which does not allow the system to vibrate freely in the deformed configuration. I'm relatively new in COMSOL and not sure how to model it differently.

Can anyone help me fix this issue?

Thank you, Gourab


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