Question about RAM selection for new equipment.

Fernando Perez Mendez

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As I need to get my work done as soon as possible, decided to go for a new desktop to speed up my models.

I am purchasing CPU 5950X and will place amd radeon pro wx 2100 as gpu, since I am trying to make this cheap but to run comsol as fast as possible.

I have a question about ram performance and I'd appreciate what you have found may work better.

Should I select 4x16 GB ram sticks at 3600 Mhz or

2x32 GB + 2x8 GB ram, both running at 3600 Mhz (this is the cheaper option and gets an extra capacity).

However, I don't know what will give better performance overall. Ryzen 5000 is dual channel only, so I don't know how it will operate better. My understanding from reading comsol website about ram, is tha if I use option 2, performance will decrease past the first 32 ram capacity.

I'd appreciate some comments on what you have found works best.


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