Static and Dynamic Eccentricity Modeling on DC Motor

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I am modeling a brushless DC slotless motor. I want to study the behavior of the electromagnetic flux density in the airgap as well the electromagnetic forces in the airgap, first without considering an eccentricity, and secondly while considering both static and dynamic ones. I am using 2D modling and the Rotating Machinery, Magnetic (rmm) physics. I have setup the correct geometry configuration (Form Assembly and the idensity pairs). Now, my question is, how can I model both static and dynamic eccentricty in the 2D model? What do I need to change in the Moving Mesh node? And do I need to change anything in the Force Calculation; (Torque Axis, or Torque Rotation Point)? Is it Possible to see the effect of the Dynamic Eccentricity in the 2D model? I believe the 2D component and the rmm physics allow for modeling depth, which resemble 2.5D, is that correct?

Screenshot 1 --> The goemtry represent (a zoomed in) quarter of the motor, the yellow is stator, red is enclourse (air) and blue is rotor.


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