Laminar flow + Heat and Moisture Transpor in Air error

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I am writing to get some supporto on my model. My intent is to simulate a setup where an ambient (named cabin in the attached scheme) presents a costant and fixed temperature and relative humidity and it's exposed on the left (after the insulation ambient) to an external T. To get the constant conditions on the cabin sides, I have added and Inlet and Outlet interface to the flow physics, as well as inflow and outflow for the heat transfer and moisture transport physics. I am using a Laminar flow model because I do expect low reynolds and I am using an initial stationary solver for the flow, followed by a time dependent solver. However the first solver presents the following error:

Undefined value found. - Detail: Undefined value found in the equation residual vector. There are 1718 degrees of freedom giving NaN/Inf in the vector for the variable comp1.u. at coordinates: (0.317589,0.158221), (0.314116,0.158216), (0.317598,0.154747), (0.310637,0.158211), (0.314126,0.154742), ...

There are 1718 degrees of freedom giving NaN/Inf in the vector for the variable comp1.v. at coordinates: (0.317589,0.158221), (0.314116,0.158216), (0.317598,0.154747), (0.310637,0.158211), (0.314126,0.154742), ...

I am not sure if this is due to a wrong flow model or due to other setting that I have overlooked.

I am attaching the model here so that you can have a look and maybe help me with this case.

Thanks in advance, Daniele Usai


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