Relaxation in Contact Pressure due to Creep

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Dear all,

Here I attached a model in which two rectangle are compressed to each other, by giving some displacement to the bottom rectangle and keeping the upper one fixed. By doing this there is a suffiently contact presure generated at the interface in the step 1 of study (stationary). In step 2 (time-dependent) I analyze the effect of creep on this contact pressure and find that the contat pressure is decreaseing with time and results are good. Now I have to model a small hole at the interface (which will deformed in step1) and in step2, I want to analze the change in shape ( relaxation in deformed shape) of this hole with time(creep). In this part I am facing many errors in the simulation like-

(Iteration for finding local equation variables did not converge.)

I am highly thankful for your valuable suggesntions. Thanks Shyam


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