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Parameter sweeps using a cluster

Nastaran Tamjidi
I am trying to do parameter sweeps using the distributed mode. What I mean is that I want to solve a model with different parametric geometries and since these calculations are completely independent, I want to allocated them to different computation nodes. For example if in total I have 20 independent models, I want to allocate 5 models to each of 4 computation nodes on a cluster. Does anybody know how to do it. I want to use batch mode in linux. I read in COMSOl manual the following explanation regarding the parameter sweeps using the distributed mode. But how about in batch mode?

COMSOL can also run parameter sweeps using the distributed mode. The simplest way to modify an existing model is to add the Cluster Computing study and select Compute in the study node’s settings window. To enable the cluster computing feature, click the Show button ( ) and select Advanced Study Options. Then in the Model Builder, right-click a Study node and select Cluster Computing

I appreciate your help

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