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Moving mesh (ALE) and Floquet periodic BC

I am trying to use moving mesh (ALE) with FM module and Floquet periodic BC for solving diffraction problem. Comsol gives me all the time the same error:

Error: 6170
Failed to evaluate variable.
- Variable: rdst0x_g1_rfweh
- Geometry: 1
- Boundaries: 9,10
Failed to evaluate expression.
- Expression: Ez-Ez_per0_rfweh*exp(-j*(kperx_rfweh*(rdst0x_g1_rfweh-rsrc0x_g1_rfweh)+kpery_rfweh*(rdst0y_g1_rfweh-rsrc0y_g1_rfweh)))

If I use another BC instead of Floquet periodicity, PEC BC for instance, the model runs without problem. But I really need to include Floquet periodicity, PEC BC works well only for normal incidence in my geometry.

Does anybody know how to combine Floquet periodicity and moving mesh (ALE)?

I attached a sketch of the geometry.

Thanks to anyone in advance!

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