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Cantilever beam with PZT patches connected to RL circuits

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I'm controlling the vibration of an in-water cantilever beam under a point force excitation using a piezoelectric patch. So, I have modelled this model with the COMSOL software, in which the piezo patch is bonded on the top of the host plate and connected to an RL series circuit. I am interested in the displacement of a targeted point on the plate in both cases of open-circuit (OC) and short-circuit (SC). In fact (and in the literature), the results in the case of open-circuit are significantly different from short-circuit case at the natural frequency corresponding to the optimal parameters of R and L. However, when I chose the optimal parameters of R and L for the first natural frequency of the system, the results obtained for the SC case are similar to the results of the OC case, even for the first frequency. I don't know why, and I could not find the problems in my model. Please have a look at the attachment for more details and give me some advice. Thank you!

Kind regards, HQ Cao

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