Type of eddy currents in Litz conductors

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I've been facing challenges while attempting to achieve accurate proximity effect simulation results using COMSOL Multiphysics, particularly concerning the modeling of eddy currents in single round litz wire conductors. I've successfully simulated the total current density in a single round Litz wire with internal current (I) excitation. However, I'm encountering difficulties when trying to simulate external magnetic field (Hext) excitation and the combined effect of internal current (I) and external magnetic field (Hext). Could anyone provide guidance on how to effectively simulate these scenarios in COMSOL? I've made progress with internal current (I) excitation, but I need assistance in extending my simulations to include external magnetic field (Hext) excitation and the interaction between the two. Any insights or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Link image for study case: https://ibb.co/Gt7cg1k



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