Turbulent mixing

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Trying to estimate diffusion from surface in turbulent flow using COMSOL 5.6.

Two steps calculation:
Study 1: "Turbulent Flow, SST", "Wall treatment"=>"Low Re" Study 2: "Transport of Diluted Species" => "Transport Properties 1" => "Turbulent Mixing 1"

I expected the diffusion coefficient to be the sum of the original value and additional amount for turbulent mixing. doc.comsol.com/5.6/doc/com.comsol.help.cfd/cfd_ug_chemsptrans.11.098.html

However it seems that instead, the turbulent mixing replaced the previous value, so diffusion near the wall became much lower compared to without turbulent mixing. I tried to overcome this by using

"Turbulent Mixing 1" =>  "turbulent kinematic viscosity" => "user defined" => 

but not sure if this is a valid solution

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