Equilibrium discharges

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Hi everyone. I am learning these discharges, problem is available in application library (as plasma_dc_arc). when i apply this to other geometery it generates an error stated below. Temperature Division by zero. - Function: / Failed to evaluate temporary symbolic derivative variable. - Variable: comp2.bphs3.J_R@VDN$2comp2.T2 - Defined as: (exp(((-e_const)comp2.bphs3.Phi_eff)/(comp2.T2k_B_const))(comp2.bphs3.A_R(2comp2.T2)))+((comp2.bphs3.A_R(comp2.T2^2))((k_B_const((-((-e_const)comp2.bphs3.Phi_eff))/((comp2.T2k_B_const)^2)))exp(((-e_const)comp2.bphs3.Phi_eff)/(comp2.T2k_B_const)))) Failed to evaluate expression. - Expression: (exp(((-e_const)comp2.bphs3.Phi_eff)/(comp2.T2k_B_const))(comp2.bphs3.A_R(2comp2.T2)))+((comp2.bphs3.A_R(comp2.T2^2))((k_B_const((-((-e_const)comp2.bphs3.Phi_eff))/((comp2.T2k_B_const)^2)))exp(((-e_const)comp2.bphs3.Phi_eff)/(comp2.T2k_B_const)))) Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression. - Expression: comp2.bphs3.J_R Failed to evaluate Jacobian of operator. - Operator: if - Geometry: geom2 - Boundaries: 4, 6 Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression. - Expression: dvol_spatial(r(pi(comp2.ht2.d(2comp2.bphs3.Qb)))) Failed to evaluate Jacobian of expression. - Expression: (2comp2.bphs3.Qbtest(comp2.bphs3.Tvar)comp2.ht2.dpir)*(dvol_spatial) what kind of error is this? I am unbale to solve it. help will be much appreciated thanks

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Hello Sehrish Shakir

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