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How to make the 'Weak Inequality Constraint' converge as well as 'Contact' constraint in Solid Mechainc module?

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I try to understand the modeling of indentation.

For the spherical indenter, assuming frictionless hard contact, the 'Contact' constraint in Solid Mechaincs module converge much better than 'Weak Inequality Constraint' for the same other settings.

I may have to use the 'Weak Inequality Constraint' for my customerized constitutive relation in the future. So, I was wondering how to make the 'Weak Inequality Constraint' converge as well as 'Contact' constraint ?

In the 'Contact' constraint, I use a rigid sphere with the radius of ai as the indenter.

In comperison, the expression 'ai-sqrt((R+u)^2+(w-ai+hi*par)^2)' is employed as the Weak Inequality Constraint, where, R is the material coordinate, hi*par is the parameterized indentation depth, u and w is the displacements along R and Z axises.

In both examples, the 'Augmented Lagrangian' method is employed.

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