Stationary laminar flow driven by buoyancy, in bigger scale.

Jiang Mingrui College of Architecture and Engineering

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Hello everyone!

I have problems with buoyancy stimulations. I downlaod the case file named "buoyancy_air.mph" from COMSOL Blog. In this case, there is just a cube box whose length is 0.1m, 2 opposite temperature boundaries to transfer heat, left boundaries are insulation, and fixed by air. Suerly, it works well.

But the problems came after I changed the length to 0.5m, then it couldn't converge. Finer mesh, other bigger scales failed too. The warning pop-up message said it reached maximum number of iterations.

I guess there is somthing wrong if I keep the same settings when the scale is becoming bigger. However, I didn't find the key. This question has puzzled me for weeks, just like a ghost in quantum state. I want to underatand it to simulate buoyancy in architecture, which needs a big scale.

The source file and introductions is at "".

Thank you if you have some advices. I will be apperciated if you are interest to have a try follow the above steps.

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Hello Jiang Mingrui

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