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Running comsol in the background using "nohup" command

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Hi All,
I connect to a machine remotely (using ssh) to run an .m file through command line. The command I use works perfectly:
/Applications/COMSOL35a/bin/comsol matlab path -ml -nodesktop -ml -nodisplay -mlr "shell_on_lipid_nodem_concave_02_I, exit"

For a long job, I'd like to use nohup command to run the job in the background. However, the job gets "STOPPED" after a few second before the m-file really starts. The command I use is

nohup /Applications/COMSOL35a/bin/comsol matlab path -ml -nodesktop -ml -nodisplay -mlr "shell_on_lipid_nodem_concave_02_I, exit" &

Any idea why it stops??

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Hello Sattar Taheri-Araghi

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