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Time integration from (t-T) to t of displacement in a time dependent study during runtime

A transient model is under development which compacts a material from beneath and above (The force from above are in opposite phase with the force from beneath (two half wave rectified sine waves in a 2D rectangular material (viscoelastic-viscoplastic material) in the Structural mechanics module.
It is of interest to to make a variabel which is the time integration of the y-displacement of the bottom side (v_BS) of the rectangle over the period from t-T to t when T is the time period of the force waves (T=1/f) during runtime.
The time stepping in the model needs to be lower than T. Typical frequency of the waves are 25 Hz which result in T=0.04s

A global equation of the displacement can be set up (using ODE and DAE modul):
Mean v = (1/T)*int(v_BSdt) (integration from t-T to t
How can the right time limits of the integral be set up ? What to be aware of... ?

Best regards
Dag Herman Andersen

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