Bending of a Simply Supported Composite Laminate

Application ID: 67641

A composite material is a heterogeneous material formed of two or more constituents integrated together to achieve enhanced structural performance. Owing to the improved strength and reduced weight compared to conventional materials, the range of applications of composite materials spans diverse fields. This necessitates a thorough understanding of the behavior of these materials under various loading conditions.

This verification example analyses a simply supported composite plate subjected to a transverse sinusoidal distributed load. The plate is made of three layers with a cross-ply configuration (0/90/0). The analysis is performed using both the layerwise and the Equivalent Single Layer (ESL) theories, and the results are compared with the exact 3D elasticity solutions. The estimates of the in-plane normal stress, the transverse normal stress, and the transverse shear stresses in each layer show an exact match with the reference solution.

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