Chladni Plate

Application ID: 67591

A Chladni plate is a metal plate that is covered in sand and subjected to vibrations. At certain frequencies, the vibrations produce standing waves, resulting in sand patterns formed on the plate. The vibrations are either formed from a violin bow at the side of the plate or a wave generator at the center of the plate.

This application uses the Plate interface to calculate the resonant frequencies of a certain shape. The eigenfrequencies represent standing waves formed within a certain frequency range. When running the app, the user can choose from four shapes:

  1. Square
  2. Triangle
  3. Circle
  4. Violin body

The plate thickness, material, and frequency range are also editable. After running the app, you can look at the various patterns from a top view or a lateral view, which shows standing waves that form in the plate.

Learn more about Chladni plates in this blog post: How Do Chladni Plates Make It Possible to Visualize Sound?

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