Induction Motor in 2D

Application ID: 14487

This is an example of a model of an induction motor in which the eddy currents are induced in the rotor by the time harmonic currents on the stator windings and the rotation of the rotor.

In this example, we analyze the induction motor in 2D using the transient solver in the Rotating Machinery, Magnetic interface. We also investigate the motor’s start-up dynamics by coupling the electromagnetic analysis with the rotor dynamics, including the inertial effects. Finally, we compare results from a benchmark model (TEAM workshop problem 30a) with those from the model.

The rotational torque and angular speed of the rotor when an alternating current is passed through the stator windings are calculated as a function of time. The effect of the step change in the load torque is also included in this model.

This model is featured and explained in much greater detail in the following blog post: How to Analyze an Induction Motor.

This model example illustrates applications of this type that would nominally be built using the following products: