Mode Analysis for Electromagnetic Waveguides

Application ID: 108431

Mode analysis is a basic tool for a wide range of radiofrequency and wave optics calculations because it allows for the investigation of mode characteristics in complex waveguide structures. In this tutorial model, you can find two examples that demonstrate typical settings and best modeling practices for such a study.

In example one, you will see how to perform mode analysis for a coaxial cable. The goal is to define the characteristics of the main TEM-mode and the first higher-order TE11-mode in a range of frequencies.

In example two, you will learn how to perform mode analysis for a rib waveguide. The goal is to define various modes and their polarization at one wavelength for a range of a core width.

You can learn more about these models in our blog post "Mode Analysis for Electromagnetic Waveguides in COMSOL®”.

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