Progressive Delamination in a Laminated Shell

Application ID: 78271

Interfacial failure or delamination in a composite material can be simulated with a cohesive zone model (CZM). A key ingredient of a cohesive zone model is a traction-separation law that describes the softening in the cohesive zone near the delamination tip. This example shows the implementation of a CZM with a bilinear traction-separation law in a laminated composites using the Layered Shell interface. The capabilities of the CZM to predict mixed-mode softening and delamination propagation are demonstrated in the model.

The example illustrates the delamination initiation and propagation in a composite plate having two layers with an initial delaminated region at the interface. A compressive load is gradually applied and removed in a parametric study in order to predict the total interfacial damage in one load cycle.

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