Rotor Bearing System Simulator

Application ID: 45541

The Rotor Bearing System Simulator is an example of an app that can be used to design and analyze rotor systems consisting of a rotor and different disks and bearings. It is useful for the preliminary design stage of rotating systems to ensure that the system's critical speed is not in the region of its operating speed. An eigenfrequency analysis of the system is performed by the app at different angular speeds to find the critical speed of the rotor.

You can input the geometrical dimensions and stiffness of the rotor, position and inertial properties of the bearings and disks, and other material properties by choosing a predefined material from a drop-down menu. This can be done through manually specifying the data or uploading it from a file. The app automatically creates the geometry and sets up the physics based on the information provided in the inputs.

The application uses the Beam Rotor interface. After computing the results, you can visualize Whirl and Campbell plots and review a table of critical speeds that are dependent on the input parameters. A report can be generated that includes the app setup and results through the click of a button.

For more details about the app, see this blog post: "Analyzing Critical Speeds with the Rotor Bearing System Simulator"

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