The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical disciplines. You can use these examples as a starting point for your own simulation work by downloading the tutorial model or demo app file and its accompanying instructions.

Search for tutorials and apps relevant to your area of expertise via the Quick Search feature. To download the MPH-files, log in or create a COMSOL Access account that is associated with a valid COMSOL license. Note that many of the examples featured here can also be accessed via the Application Libraries that are built into the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and available from the File menu.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Modulex

Diffuse Double Layer

At the electrode-electrolyte interface, there is a thin layer of space charge in a diffuse double layer. This may be of interest when modeling devices such as electrochemical capacitors and nanoelectrodes. This tutorial example shows how to couple the Nernst-Planck equations to the ... Read More

Biosensor Design

Surface reactions with adsorption-reaction-desorption steps are common in for example photocatalysis and biosensors. A flow cell in a biosensor contains an array of micropillars for adsorption of for example antigens in aqueous solutions. A signal proportional to the surface coverage can ... Read More

A Multiscale 3D Packed Bed Reactor

One of the most common reactors in the chemical industry, for use in heterogeneous catalytic processes, is the packed bed reactor. This type of reactor is used both in synthesis as well as in effluent treatment and catalytic combustion. This model is set up to calculate the ... Read More

Protein Adsorption

Ion-exchange is a powerful method to separate proteins from solutions and is today readily used in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry. This model simulates an ion-exchange column for protein adsorption. The fluid phase contains four components: two proteins, solvent, and one ... Read More

Carbon Deposition in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Carbon deposition on the surface of solid catalysts is commonly observed in hydrocarbon processing. A known problem is that carbon deposits can impede the activity of catalysts as well as block the flow of gas through a catalyst bed. This example investigates the thermal decomposition ... Read More

Porous Reactor with Injection Needle

Modeling packed beds, monolithic reactors, and other catalytic heterogeneous reactors is substantially simplified with the *Reacting Flow in Porous Media* multiphysics interface. This defines the diffusion, convection, migration, and reaction of chemical species for porous media flow ... Read More

Heat Pipe with Accurate Liquid and Gas Properties

Heat pipes are designed to transfer heat efficiently through vaporization, mass transfer, and condensation of a working fluid. They are found in a wide variety of applications where thermal control is of importance, with cooling of electronics being a prominent example. Inside a heat ... Read More

Syngas Combustion in a Round-Jet Burner

The model simulates non-premixed turbulent combustion of syngas (synthesis gas) in a simple round-jet burner. Syngas is a gas mixture, primarily composed of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The name syngas relates to its use in creating synthetic natural gas. In the model, ... Read More

Analysis of NOx Reaction Kinetics

This suite of examples illustrate the modeling of selective NO reduction, that occurs as flue gases pass through the channels of a monolithic reactor in the exhaust system of a motored vehicle. The simulations are aimed at finding the optimal dosing of NH3, the reactant that serves as ... Read More

Separation Through Dialysis

Dialysis is a widely used chemical species separation method. One such example is hemodialysis, which acts as artificial kidneys for people with renal failure. In dialysis, only specific components are allowed to diffuse through the membrane, based on differences in molecular size and ... Read More

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