The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical disciplines. You can use these examples as a starting point for your own simulation work by downloading the tutorial model or demo app file and its accompanying instructions.

Search for tutorials and apps relevant to your area of expertise via the Quick Search feature. To download the MPH-files, log in or create a COMSOL Access account that is associated with a valid COMSOL license. Note that many of the examples featured here can also be accessed via the Application Libraries that are built into the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and available from the File menu.

Mixer Modulex

Free Surface Mixer

This example of turbulent flow in a partially baffled turbulent mixer shows how to set up The Rotating Machinery, Turbulent Flow interfaces from the Mixer Module with free surface and stationary free surface features. Both frozen rotor and time-dependent simulations are performed and ... Read More

Modular Mixer

This model provides you with tools to build a variety of mixers by combining two common types of vessels with two types of impellers. The mixers are baffled flat and dished bottom vessels with either pitched blade impellers or Rushton turbines. The model includes three examples using the ... Read More

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are used in various applications and can be found in many industries. The size of the pump in this model is typical for automotive applications. This model shows how to set up rotating machinery simulations using the frozen rotor approximation for modeling centrifugal ... Read More

Continuous Mixer

Continuous mixing is used in process equipment to mix components in a single pass. Compared to batch mixing, this operation has the advantage that the tank filling and emptying steps are eliminated, implying that the process can be run without interruptions. A disadvantage of continuous ... Read More

Free Surface Mixer Level Set

This example of turbulent flow in a partially baffled turbulent mixer with a three-bladed impeller shows how to set up the Rotating Machinery, Turbulent Flow interfaces from the Mixer Module with a Level Set method for free surface flow in a rotating geometry. A time-dependent simulation ... Read More


This app demonstrates the following: Multiple tabs in the ribbon Geometry parts and parameterized geometries Parts and cumulative selections can be used to automatically set domain and boundary settings in the embedded model Adding or removing geometry parts with different geometrical ... Read More

Mixing of Water in a Flat Bottom Mixer

This tutorial example simulates the flow in a flat bottom mixer containing, agitated by a pitched four blade impeller, where the fluid is water, and flow is assumed to be turbulent. The flow in the mixer is modeled using the k-ε turbulence model, and a time-dependent simulation ... Read More

Behavior of a Power-Law Fluid in a Mixer

This model shows how to use simulations to predict power numbers with Power Law fluids in a mixer. It simulates the behavior of flow in a flat bottom tank with a single four-blade pitched impeller. The flow was modeled as laminar and the frozen rotor approach was used to solve the ... Read More

Nonisothermal Flow in a 2D Mixer

This model illustrates the modeling of temperature distribution in a simplified mixer. Read More

Three-Phase Mixer

This model simulates the separation and mixing of a suspension with light and heavy particles. Initially the distribution of both particle populations is homogeneous throughout the fluid. Before the impeller starts rotating, the fluid and the two particle populations tend to separate ... Read More