The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical disciplines. You can use these examples as a starting point for your own simulation work by downloading the tutorial model or demo app file and its accompanying instructions.

Search for tutorials and apps relevant to your area of expertise via the Quick Search feature. To download the MPH-files, log in or create a COMSOL Access account that is associated with a valid COMSOL license. Note that many of the examples featured here can also be accessed via the Application Libraries that are built into the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and available from the File menu.

Slider Crank Mechanism

This is a benchmark model to test the numerical algorithms in the area of multibody dynamics. This model simulates the dynamic behavior of the slider crank mechanism. This mechanism goes through singular positions during its operation. The acceleration at a point is compared with the ... Read More

How to Export Images Automatically After Solving

This example demonstrates how to use a parameterized slice plot and animation functionality to export a sequence of images. In addition, the example shows how to use a job sequence to perform a programmatic sequence of operations where the model is first solved and then the image ... Read More

Magnetic Field from an Infinite Conductor

This introduction model creates a simple model of the magnetostatics problem with a wire of infinite length carrying current, which is commonly found in textbooks. Since there is an analytical solution to this problem, the model can be used to compare theory with numerical results from ... Read More

Opto-Acoustophoretic Effect in an Acoustofluidic Trap

Opto-acoustophoresis is a term used to describe the interplay between acoustics and optical fields. In most cases (including this) the optical field is heating up the material and therefore affecting the acoustic field. In this example of an acoustic trap a set of particle are trapped ... Read More

Electrical Heating in a Busbar Assembly

This tutorial model of the Joule heating effect in a busbar demonstrates how to synchronize an assembly between Creo Parametric and COMSOL, how to modify the geometry from COMSOL, and how to run a geometric parametric sweep. Read More

Oscillations in Metabolic Reaction Networks

Oscillating chemical reactions were long thought to simply not exist in homogeneous solution, and even the poster child, the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, met such an initial skepticism, that even though it was discovered in 1951, it took almost 20 years for it to gain widespread fame. ... Read More

Scordelis–Lo Roof Shell Benchmark

In this example a thin curved membrane is built and solved using the Shell interface. This model is a widely used benchmark model denoted the Scordelis-Lo roof. The computed maximum z-deformation is compared with the value given in Proposed Standard Set of Problems to Test Finite ... Read More

GEC CCP Reactor, Argon Chemistry, 1D

The NIST GEC CCP reactor provides a platform for studying capacitively coupled plasmas. Even the simplest plasma models are quite involved so a 1D example helps in understanding the physics without excessive CPU time. The problem has no steady-state solution, although a periodic steady ... Read More

Model of an Argon/Chlorine Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor with RF Bias

This tutorial model solves for an inductively coupled plasma reactor with RF bias (also known as ICP/CCP reactors) in a mixture of argon/chlorine. The model computes the fluid flow and gas heating. Important aspects and strategies for modeling electronegative discharges are discussed. Read More

Mechanical Precession for the Axle of a Bicycle Pedal

Mechanical precession prevents bicycle pedals from falling off. The model captures this effect using a multibody dynamics simulation together with a contact analysis. A friction coefficient is associated with the contact in order for the model to capture the effect. Read More